#Readathon Mini Challenge

I am on Book #2 for the #readathon and I want to complete my last mini challenge for the night.


If William Shatner’s Up Till Now was made into a movie I’d like to think William Shatner would play himself. I think it would be cool,rather than him share his life on film, for it to be set in a tv show like “This Is Your Life” where people come on the show & share a story or two & Will would have to guess who it was telling the story about him. The person would be backstage and if Will got the story and person right, they would come out on stage to see Mr Shatner, indulging in the rest of the story. maybe 3 of 4 people from different times in his life. It would be very comedic.

There would have to be some Star Trek music for the soundtrack, as well as all the TV show themes that he has acted in. Some sound bytes from his funnier moments wouldn’t go a miss either.

I wouldn’t even know where to start on Directors. They don’t really stand out to me because I like stories rather than what or who is behind the camera.

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