101 Bookish Things in 1001 Days

Timeframe: Jul 01, 2015 – Mar 28, 2018
Completed: 17/101+

1 Complete a kids coloring book In Progress
2 Read 10 books from the Rory Gilmore Reading List
3 Join a book club
4 Go to a book signing
5 Buy a Wreck This Journal and finish it
6 Spend a weekend “unplugged” with only music, art and books
7 Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
8 Meet an author of a book I’ve read
9 Ask 20 friends to suggest one book, and read them all
10 Read all the books currently on my shelf
11 Volunteer at a local library DONE! I did one better and scored a library assistant position! 01/03/2016
12 See a book to film adaptation
13 Make a custom recipe book
14 Read a book in a day DONE! Read The Heir by Kiera Cass on 5/09/2015
15 Host a read-a-long
16 Participate in a Booktubeathon DONE! August 2015.
17 Post a book review every month
18 Read all the books released by one author
19 Attend YALL Fest
20 Attend Waiheke Book Festival
21 Attend BEA (Book Expo America)
22 Attend BookCon
23 Attend New York Comic-Con
24 Reread Harry Potter series
25 Spend an afternoon reading at the park
26 Own all seven Harry Potter books
27 Read a book with more than 500 pages DONE! Read Winter 1 Jan 2016.
28 Read a book published this year DONE! Read The Best Goodbye 23 Dec 2015.
29 Read a book with a one-word title DONE! Read Fringe 9 Aug 2015.
30 Read a book I was supposed to read in school but didn’t
31 Participate in BookCrossing
32 Complete an Adult coloring book In Progress
33 Read a book at the beach DONE! Read on 28/09/2016 at Maungatapu
34 Donate a book
35 Gift a book
36 Gift a book shop gift card
37 Buy a book from a local bookstore
38 Shelve all my books
39 Cheer for a Dewey’s Readathon DONE! Cheered for Dewey’s April 2016
40 Participate in Bout of Books Readathon DONE! Participated August 2015
41 Read a graphic novel DONE! Read The Graveyard Book 19/08/2015
42 Make someone read your fave book
43 Meet your fave author
44 Celebrate my birthday with Bookish friends
45 Read the Series of Unfortunate Events series
46 Participate in a giveaway hop
47 Have a Yankee Swap Bookish Party
48 Listen to 5 Audiobooks DONE! (The Selection, Until Friday Night, HP 1, HP 2, HP 3 16/03/2016)
49 Read a middle grade series DONE! Read Taming The Taniwha 11/07/2015
50 Read an Adult Mystery novel
51 Get a cookbook & cook your fave meal
52 Read on top of a mountain
53 Read 10 books in a month DONE! Read 14 books in Jan 2016.
54 Read 100 books in a year
55 Read a Classic
56 Read a Biography/Autobiography
57 Read a NZ Novel DONE! Read The Shattering 26/12/2016
58 Read a NZ History book
59 Read a book translated from another language
60 Create a catalogue of “Books I Own”
61 Attend NZ Independent Books Festival
62 Upload a Booktube video every month for a year
63 Make a Book Nook at home
64 Read a comic book
65 Participate in a monthly Book Pool Challenge DONE! Book Lovin Kiwis Dec 2015
66 Participate in a ‘new to me’ readathon
67 Read and Review an ARC
68 Recreate a book cover
69 Order my books into a rainbow
70 Print a Photobook
71 Decorate a bookish Christmas tree
72 Participate in a Cover Reveal
73 Make a Little Free Library
74 Hide a Bookish Geocache
75 Watch a book to television adaptation
76 Read an entire series in a month DONE! Read I am not Esther series, July 2016
77 Read a book in the month it was released
78 Create a TBR Jar
79 Visit a bookish Theme Park
80 Make a Bookmark
81 Meet a fellow booktuber
82 Buy a book in another country
83 Have a dedicated library tote bag
84 Make a book clutch
85 Have a piece of bookish jewellery
86 Paint a brick garden library
87 Visit 5 libraries in different cities (Gisborne, Taupo? check date, Rotorua, Tauranga)
88 Build a book tower with 20+ books
89 Preorder a book
90 Wear a bookish outfit
91 Pick a book from the library I know nothing about
92 Escape into another world
93 Revisit a book I DNF the first time
94 Complete a Bookish Survey
95 Read a new genre
96 Read a ‘new to me’ author
97 Keep a travel journal
98 Start a scrapbook
99 Complete an A to Z book title challenge
100 Take a monthly book selfie
101 Cook a dish from a book that’s not a cookbook
102 Create a Pinterest board for at least 5 books DONE! Bookish & Page Turners Board (pins added regularly)
103 Try something new that was inspired by a book
104 Book Tour: Go on a hunt for street names of book characters and places
105 Quote a book in casual conversation
106 Style your hair like a book character for a day
107 Read a book that is an adaptation of a console game
108 Play a console game that is adaptation of a book
109 Buy a First Edition
110 Participate in an Instagram Photo Challenge In Progress

Note: I know I’ve listed more than 101 tasks. It’s giving me options to complete some and not others. If you’ve got any suggestions, I’m willing to add more!dayzerologo