My 2012 Reading Challenge

I have too much time on my hands during the holiday season. I have 13 books out from the public library, another 20+ on request, and now I have come across a bunch of 2012 Reading Challenges.

One stood out (naturally) and my friends could probably guess it: The 2012 Harry Potter Reading Challenge. Fits me perfect. I needed a wee push to re-read the series, especially after receiving ‘The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy – Hogwarts for Muggles’ book for Christmas from my friend Peter. I think he knows me too well.

Other than my 101/1001 challenges, I want to read a book every month, just one of my #2012goals. This Harry Potter Challenge is a good start and could take me right up to September.

I will try my best to actively participate in the discussions each month, along with heaps of others around the globe. It will open my eyes to the little things I have missed & will give me the opportunity to share my love for Harry Potter with like-minded people. If you’re keen, sign up here: If it helps,The Reading Fever is offering giveaways.

The books are out. The movies are over. Re-live the fun!